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WCL rules

- must Fight misplaced guards (FMG) rule:
"Misplaced guard" is a guard (monster) that is not guarding anything - this is error of random map generator. On Random Maps, ALL misplaced guards MUST be fought (this means you may not walk around a creature in order to pick up a Pandora''s Box, a Treasure, Artefact, Utopia or other object as well as you can not walk past the guards for breaking the middle.) In case there are multiple misplaced guards for example at the middle break, you must fight "1" of the stacks (any). Also, you may not enter another zone if there is definitely misplaced mountain or other object that allows you to pass without fighting any guard.
- guards near resource mines are considered to guard only mine itself - you may pick up resources near mine without fighting guard.
- on Balance template there are few unguarded zone borders, so you are allowed to pass there
- if zone has several separated entries (each is guarded) and if player killed 1 guard (cleared entry #1), he may not enter another entry through misplaced guard
- in case there are multiple misplaced guards AND 1 player has already killed 1 guard AND second player have seen this breaking (hero movement) - then second player may enter this zone without fighting rest of guards. Else, must fight 1 guard.
- in case if resource or treasure chest is near misplaced guard and if it's not clear that it should be guarded - then players are allowed to pick it

- no DD/Fly (you can''t use Dimention Door and Fly spells as well as Angel Wings artefact)

- no Scrolls Level 4 - 5 (you can''t use magic scrolls with spells Level 4 - 5)

- no Necro (you can''t select Necropolis as starting town, you can't use Necro skill (must dismiss all gained skeletons after each battle) and can't build new creature buildings in necro towns if you will find them)

- no Conflux (you can''t select Conflux as starting town, and can't build new creature buildings in flux towns if you will find them)

- no Diplo (you can''t take, level up Diplomacy skill and join monsters.)

- no Joiners (you can''t join wandering monsters even without Diplomacy skill)

- no Log spec (Kyrre, Gunnar, Dessa can't be starting hero and can't attack into final battle. Final battle happens were both heroes have >50% HP of their bought troops)

- no Grail (you can''t build Grail in towns)

- no Carto (you can''t visit Cartographer)

- no Hillfort (you can''t upgrade creatures in Hillfort)

- no Upgrades (you can''t upgrade creatures from Conservatories/Hives)

- maximum 1 level 7 dwell of each town type is allowed to flag on the whole map for one player.

- no Doublebuild (you can't build up 2 same towns. Not allowed to build only creature dwellings level3-7. Example: if player start with Dungeon and has 2 Strongholds then he is allowed to build 1 Stronghold and Dungeon)

- no Red Rush (Red player can''t attack Blue or flag blue's unguarded town on Day 1 of ANY week after Red has bought some NEW army (in any town or dwelling) or Red has hired new hero)

- no Hit & Run (Fleeing or surrendering from combat is not allowed for the first 3 rounds if you have done more damage to your opponent than he has done to you (HP). You are allowed to flee/surrender in any situation if that is the first action you take. Not allowed to use magic level 3+ by prison heroes level11 or higher.

- not allowed to enter another zone through "bug: unguarded road" or through fighting misplaced mine's guards
- no usage of game bugs as: "reducing neutral guards", "hero view", "selling arts above the price".
- "reducing neutral guards": allowed to flee/surrender/die 1 time on un-upgraded guards with upgraded stack inside, that is guarding critical game objects (zone passage, relic/major artefacts, Utopia, pandora) and there are no any limits on reducing neutral guards that guards non-critical objects.

if battle ends in a draw - then attacking player must flee (even if attacking player has better army).
Example: attacking player has horde of Golems and can't kill 1 Ghost dragon which flies away). In "shackles present during draw battle" condition - players must attack each other each turn.

Towns, available for selection are reduced by 1 by each player, turn-by-turn. Not allowed to pick same town types. When 3 towns are left, player will select town which he will play and his opponent will select from rest 2 towns. Player, who selects from 2 towns, will select color. Player with smaller rating should start haggling for towns.

Player can take restart during first 3 own turns:
- if there is no road to second town on Balance template
- 1 restart with no reason
Players must always restart if starting hero is not Level 1

Map is created with following settings:
2 players, 0 computers, all teams =0, water = none; monster = strong; time limit = 6 min; difficulty = 130%

Just some additional clarification:
- allowed to use Disguise spell
- allowed to build Portal of Summoning in any town
- allowed to build Fort/Citadel/Castle/Magic/Special buildings/Money in necro/flux and other towns
- allowed to upgrade existing creature buildings in necro/flux and other towns
- "town view" bug allowed


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