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New Necropolis Town

New Necropolis Town

News - 29.1.2010

We have changed our plans very much. We wont release the Towns separately, we will release them all in one install file.

The work will take longer, but we will release the version 1.0 very soon, in the nearest weeks :)

In the version 1.0 will be New Necropolis' heroes, creatures, artifacts, and buildings (basically all the work we've done for Necropolis). Then it will have new Secondary Skill images. Many Secondary Skill Images will look different, most of you will probably know where they're from ;). 

The New Stronghold is planned to be released in the New Heroes v.2.0.

New Necropolis Project

"The purpose of our project is to re-create the Heroes III. We will mostly edit the Towns, Heroes, and Creatures, but we will also edit many other things, such as the Secondary Skills and Artifacts.

On this page you can find all the information about the New Necropolis Town. Visit "Heroes" page to see all the new 16 heroes. From the "Creatures" page you will find the creatures we will replace. "Castle" page, here you can see the Necropolis' buildings we edit. "Artifacts" - here are all the new Artifacts for the New Necropolis. "Gallery", here you see some screenshots of the New Necropolis. There you will see the Town's Overview.

-Visit our page: http://NewHeroesIII.webs.com  for more info about the project.

-Last updated 29.1.2010.

New Necropolis' Death Knights

Here are all the new Death Knights and their biography + specialties.


"Odo is a powerful Death Knight, because he seems to have supernatural skills. He is able to communicate with the mysterious "Shadows", and that makes him undefeatable." 

Odo can upgrade Peasants and Wrights to Shadows - Now Peasants will be more useful to Necropolis.


"Fortinbras, commander of the Ghosts, Lord of the Wights, and the Master of Wraiths."

Fortinbras can upgrade Wights and Wraiths to Ghosts.


"Isengrim, son of the Death himself. Isengrim seems to have powers, that the ordinary people can just dream about."

Wherever Isengrim goes, darkness follows.


"Gorbulas, an undead Death Knight. He is a Zombie, but seems to be very wise. Even wizer than some of the elder Necromancers. This man can be a real threat to the Dark Queen.."

Gorbulas increases the Attack and Defense of all Zombies he commands.


"Bregor, brother of Fredegar the Great. Bregor is an important person, without him the Barbarians would have captured Galdor, a huge city, which could have caused the end of the Necromancers."

Bregor increases the Attack and Defense of all Black Knights he commands.


"Marroc was an Elven Hunter before he chose the path of Darkness. The ritual to turn him into a living (unliving) skeleton took many painful hours."

Marroc is able to produce 1 Mercury each day.


"Mentha was one of the first to enter Deyja. She has seen many Kings and Queens during her long undead life."

Mentha produces +1 Wood and Ore each day.


"Sadoc, Saradoc's brother. Hates magic, and that's why he hates his brother. Sadoc constantly tries to ruin Saradoc's plan to conquer the world with Isengard."

Sadoc receives a Warlord's Banner each level.

New Necropolis Necromancers

Here are all the new Necromancers, theirs biographies,and specialties.


"Saradoc was once a wizard, but he became one of the victims of Amaranth. Saradoc has been studying the Dark Arts with Isengard. Together they plan to take the world to themselves."

Saradoc increases the Attack and Defense of all Skeletons he commands.


"Flambard seems to be very interested about Fire. He has burned many villages during his long undead life."

Flambard specialty - Fire Magic.


"Hildigrim, a strong Necromancer seems to be more interested about battle tactics than the Dark Arts of Necromancy."

Hildigrim specialty - Tactics.


"Orodreth was just a peaceful man, who liked to trade everything possible. "The King of Trading", said all his friends. But one day, without a warning, he was attacked by a vampire. A vampire named Amaranth. It took only a couple of days, when Orodreth became a royal servant of the Dark Queen Amaranth."

Orodreth specialty - Sorcery.


"Years ago, Isengrim found him alone in the Dark Forests. Isengrim took him deeper into Deyja, and couple of years later Adalgrim already was a pure Necromancer."

Adalgrim specialty - Slayer Spell.


Salvia once was a cleric, but she got interested about the Dark Arts of Necromancy when her sister died. She tried to bring her back to the book of the living, but accidentally turned herself into a full Necromancer.

Salvia is able to produce 1 Sulfur each day.


"Amaranth, the Dark Queen of Deyja. She has transformed many people to Vampires. Fishers, hunters, wizards, traders, and no one has survived. Amaranth was alive to see, when the first King of Deyja passed away."

Amaranth summons Vampires on the battlefield.

Go below to see a picture.


"Mungo, a skeleton Necromancer. He is "The Master of Earth", as Isengard calls him. To get a name like that, from such a person like Isengard, you Really have to do something."

Mungo specialty - Meteor Shower Spell.


  Amaranth summons Vampires on the battlefield. The number of Vampires depends on the hero level.

See bigger image here.


Here is the new creature, that will replace the Dracolich.


Attack: 17

Defense: 17

Hit Points: 190

Shots: 4

Speed: 8

Damage: 16-24

Growth: 2

Other: Undead. -1 to enemy morale. 20% Magic Resist. 20% Block.

Cost: 2000 Gold, 2 Mercury.

Creatures - Backgrounds

All the Necropolis creatures backgrounds have been changed. They now have a purple sky behind them.

And here is the background for the new creature, Shadow.

Castle - Town View

Here is the town background, with All buildings and creatures.

See bigger image here.

Castle - Buildings

Here are all the new buildings for the New Necropolis.

   -Tower of Necromancy-

Tower of Necromancy increases the Necromancy skill of all heroes you control (with the Necromancy skill) by 10%.

We are planning to script something else for this building, but now it has the old bonus.

The fire inside the Tower is animated.


-New Artifact: Staff of the Dead-

-Staff of the Dead will increase the Spell Power and Knowledge by +3.

Will be in New Heroes version 1.0.

Источник: http://newnecropolis.webs.com/
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