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Manual 15-4 Scripts

Script 49 - Henchmen

Allows you to select one of your creatures to act as a Henchman and fight with your army. Left-click on player-color flag in upper right corner of hero screen to select a new henchman or check status.
Henchmen gain experience for each battle fought and gain levels (indicated by increased stack quantity). They have an experience bonus based on hero level and current day. Lower level/un-upgraded creatures level up faster than higher level/upgraded creatures. Dead henchmen can be resurrected in a town for a fee based on creature cost and level. AI heroes have a (good) chance of having a henchman of random level (based on hero level)
- henchmen gain +1 attack, +1 defense, +1 speed
- henchmen gain an additional +1 speed for every 10 levels
- henchmen gain an additional +1 attack and +1 defense for every 3 levels
- henchmen gain +2-5 to base damage
- henchmen gain +10 to base health

Script 50 - Enhanced Monsters

Many monsters have statistics changed and rebalanced and new abilities added. Most modified stats have been boosted, although a few are lowered (Phoenix growth for example). New abilities and stat changes are noted in each creature's Special Abilities text box and are denoted in "yellow".

Key to abbreviations:
HP = health
AT = attack
DE = defense
DL = damage low
DH = damage high
SP = speed
SH = shots
L = level
"+" indicates that the stat is raised, "-" that it is lowered

Many creatures are given latent spell defenses.
Many creatures are given special attacks. (usually with no retaliation)
Most neutral creatures are given strong boosts.

Some neutral creatures are aligned with towns:
Castle - War Zealot, Peasant, Halfling
Rampart - Sharpshooter, Sorceress
Tower - Arctic Sharpshooter, Enchanter, Santa Gremlin, Gold Golem, Diamond Golem
Inferno - Nightmare, Hell Steed
Necropolis - Mummy, Ghost
Dungeon - Lava Sharpshooter, Werewolf
Stronghold - Boar, Rogue, Nomad
Fortress - Troll, Gorynych
Conflux - Messengers

Script 51 - Enhanced Commanders

*note: skill and ability descriptions in commander screen will be inaccurate, please ignore them*
Commander statistics are calculated to new formulae. Stat numbers in commander screen are inaccurate upon level up. Reopen commander screen to display correct values.

Attack = base 5 + 1/2 x level
skill adds +25%,+50%,+75%,+100%,+125%
Defense = base 5 + 1/2 x level
skill adds +25%,+50%,+75%,+100%,+125%
Hit Points = base 40 + 20 x level
skill adds +25%,+50%,+75%,+100%,+125%
Damage = base 10 + 5 x level
skill adds +25%,+50%,+75%,+100%,+125%
Magic Power = base 3 + 3 x skill level
(Soul Eater = base 1 + 1 x skill level)
Magic Resistance = base 0 + 10 x skill level
Speed = base 0 + 1 x skill level

Two special abilities have been replaced:
Death Stare - Replaced with 50% chance to Poison.
Fire Shield - Replaced with expert Magic Mirror.

Commanders each start with a special ability:
paladin - endless retaliation
hierophant - magic mirror (fire shield)
temple guardian - shoot
succubus - fly
soul eater - fear
brute - no retaliation
ogre leader - block
shaman - 50% poison (death stare)
astral spirit - ignore 50% defense

Commanders (except Soul Eater) each cast an additional spell after the original one.
paladin - bless
hierophant - mirth
temple guardian - prayer
succubus - bloodlust
brute - stone skin
ogre leader - counterstrike
shaman - fortune
astral spirit - protection from all elements

Commanders (except Astral Spirit) can now be resurrected.
Astral Spirit "Banish" ability now returns creatures after battle.
Commander stones now give skills:
opal - gives random special ability
ruby - gives either +1 to Attack skill or Damage skill
sapphire - gives either +1 to Defense skill or Hit Points skill
emerald - gives either +1 to Magic skill or Speed skill

Script 52 - Mirror of the Home-Way

This building works as a 'Town Portal' spell for 1000 coins.
If object replacement is selected, Mirrors of the Home-Way may replace some of the following: Schools of War 

Script 53 - Dungeon of the Dragon Master

All Dragon Utopias on a map are now guarded by Darkness Dragons. If the "Hero's upgraded level 7 creatures become level 8" map rule is enabled, there will be 8..20, and if not enabled, 3..12.
Rewards for winning are:
- 2...5 Relics
- 3 Minor or Major artifacts
- Choice of 20000...50000 Gold or 10000...25000 Experience

Script 54 - Enhanced War Machines I

- Level based (upgrade in town). Restricted to hero level (maximum)
- catapult shoots 2-8 fireballs per combat
- ballista, first aid tent, ammo cart increase hit points/level
- ballista decreases target's speed (1-3 based on skill level)
- ballista increases damage / level
- first aid tent increase healing points and resurrection ability
- ammo cart gives spell points/combat turn (level dependent)
- trade between heroes disabled
- magic book info
- enable/disable any of your war machines (4) in combat (you can choose to have them in combat or not)

Script 55 - Enhanced War Machines II

Ballista now deals double base damage
First Aid Tent now resurrects troops after healing
Limits additional Ballistas/First Aid Tents to two
Ammo Cart gives +10 movement points per step
All war machines cost 1000 gold
First Aid Tent has 150 health
Ammo Cart has 150 health
Catapult has 300 health

Heroes with Ballistics skill can:
- target creatures with catapults during normal combat
- field a number of catapults equal to their skill level
- have catapults inflict a death stare-like "critical hit" (chance = .5% x hero level x catapults)

Script 56 - Metamorphs

When enabled, Earth Messengers become Metamorphs. Metamorphs randomly transform themselves in combat into other monster types just prior to their first action. The new type is random but the Metamorph stack's total health will not exceed the total health of the creature they turn into.
A Metamorph stack will also transform when it kills an enemy stack on its turn (but not if it kills the enemy stack with a retaliation attack). After combat, the remaining Metamorphs will change back into their normal Metamorph state. 

Script 57 - Neutral Units

Several enhancements for neutral units. they all can be individually activated/deactivated in the WoGify menu.

*** Neutral Unit Bonuses
Adds +1 Attack, +1 Defense, plus an additional +1 Attack, +1 Defense, and +6-6.99% Health for every 4 game days. This results in approximately +2 Attack, +2 Defense and +10.5-12.25% Health every week, but note that the Health bonus only applies to creatures with a starting Health of 15 or higher (also, all units that will reach 15 health will receive approximately +2 Attack, +2 Defense and +10.5-12.25% Health every week; e.g.: centaurs, pikemen).
Also gives Bless to all neutral units each week. In addition, neutral shooting units will be enchanted with Precision.
The following neutral units will also be enchanted with Magic Mirror: Genies, Master Genies, Efreeti, Efreet Sultans, Ogre Magi and Santa Gremlins.
The following neutral units will also be enchanted with Air Shield: Skeletons, Skeleton Warriors, Air Elementals, Storm Elementals, Wights, Wraiths, Ghosts, Bone Dragons and Ghost Dragons.
The following neutral units will also be enchanted with Fire Shield: Fire Elementals, Energy Elementals, Firebirds and Phoenixes.
The following neutral units will gain immunity to Mind spells: Angels, Archangels, Supreme Archangels, Devils, Arch Devils, Antichrists, Behemoths, Ancient Behemoths, Ghost Behemoths, Hydras, Chaos Hydras, Hell Hydras.
The following neutral units will gain immunity to Fire school spells: Devils, Arch Devils, Antichrists.
A "neutral unit" is defined as a monster stack on the map or any other unowned monster that you do battle with when visiting an adventure map site or neutral town.

*** Neutral Stack Size
All neutral monster stacks on the adventure map will be adjusted so that they contain more creatures.
Starting with more creatures will also effectively result in them growing faster, although the actual weekly rate of growth remains unchanged.
Formula is:
Level 1 Units: 30-50 +10% per week
Level 2 Units: 30-40 +10% per week
Level 3 Units: 30-50 +10% per week
Level 4 Units: 50 + 10% per week
Level 5 Units: +50 + 10% per week
Level 6 Units: 50 + 10% per week
Level 7 Units: 20-30 + 10% per week
Level 8 Units: +20 + 10% per week

*** Neutral Stack Experience
Neutral units will be experienced when you do combat with them. Their rank will depend on their level, the game date and the player difficulty level chosen.
Level 1 and 2 neutral units will have one rank of experience for every week of game play at Normal game difficulty. Level 3-4 units will have one rank for every two weeks, level 5-6 will have one rank for every three weeks, and level 7+ will have one rank for every four weeks.
Higher game difficulties will increase the rate. For example, at Impossible difficulty, a level 7 unit will have one rank for every 12 game days.
Easy difficulty doubles the interval of Normal difficulty, so neutral units will gain ranks considerably slower.
However, regardless of the game date or level, neutral units will never be more than 1 rank higher than the attacking hero's level. So a level 1 hero will never face anything higher than a rank 2 neutral unit in combat.
A "neutral unit" is defined as a monster stack on the map or any other unowned monster that you do battle with when visiting an adventure map site.

*** Neutral Town and Creature Bank Growth
Neutral Town Guards grow by 10% each week per stack (minimum +1), and gain higher level creatures if an empty guard slot is available. There's also a 10% chance per stack each week that a guard stack will be upgraded.
Neutral Creature banks also grow by 10% each week per stack (minimum +1), and empty slots will be soon be filled with additional creatures. Creature Banks also acquire a Commander of the associated town type, and their resources grow at a rate of 10% every 3 weeks (minimum +1).
After 28 days, a defeated Creature Bank will respawn, but beware--sometimes the creatures are more powerful than before (especially Dragon Utopias!).

Script 58 - Scouting III - Espionage

This option gives heroes who know the scouting skill the ability to train spies. Spies can then infiltrate enemy towns where they can fulfill different operations (thefts, sabotage, assassinations, status report), or they can be sent to the owner's towns to protect them from enemy spies (higher chance of enemy spies being exposed). Assignments depend on the level of scouting. Each hero can have only one spy at a time. Computer players cannot use spies.
To give commands to your operatives, right-click on the Scouting *icon* in the hero screen. 

Script 59 - Piercing Shot

This option changes the special ability of the Marksmen from "shooting twice" to "piercing shot". This shot does half damage to an enemy stack behind the targeted stack. In addition, Marksmen gain +1 attack, +1 defense, reduce their target's defense by 3+20%, and do 2-5 damage, however their shots is reduced to 12. An Air Shield spell on the primary target neutralizes the piercing bolt.
Also, the name of Archers is changed to Crossbowmen and their ranged attack reduces the target's Defense by 10% (minimum reduction of 1).

Script 60 - Forgotten Shrine

When praying at the altar in the Forgotten Shrine, the hero's troops receive a random beneficial spell applied to all friendly stacks at expert level for 50 turns in the next battle (even non-group spells are applied to all). The hero's movement points are reduced to 0 after a visit. Every hero can have only one blessing at a time.
If object replacement is selected, Forgotten Shrines may replace some of the following: Shrines of Magic Gesture, Shrines of Magic Thought and Idols of Fortune 

Script 61 - Enhanced Protection From the Elements

The Protection from Fire, Protection from Air, Protection from Water and Protection from Earth spells give protection against non-damage spells (like Slow, Curse, etc.). The chance of resisting such a spell depends on your proficiency at the element your troops are protected from (i.e., your Air, Earth, Fire or Water Magic skill level)
* None - 20%
* Basic - 33%
* Advanced or Expert - 50%
Note: The protection works for non-group spells only.

Script 62 - Split Decision

During combat, an army commanded by a hero may split a stack into two stacks by ctrl-clicking on the active stack. Each stack may only be split once per combat. War Machines, Metamorphs and creatures that join a battle after it has started (e.g., summoned Elementals) cannot be split. After the battle, split stacks will recombine.
You may also combine two adjacent stacks of the same type during combat by ctrl-clicking on the adjacent stack on the acting stack's turn.

Script 63 - Passable Terrain

With this option enabled, mountains, trees, flowers and most other terrain can be moved through, but at a slower rate than normal movement. Pathfinding reduces the cost of moving through these terrain obstacles.
There are dangers, however. When moving through trees, you may be ambushed. When moving through mountains, you may lose troops to a deadly landslide. Skills such as Pathfinding, Scouting and Luck can help avoid landslides, and Scouting will sometimes let you spot an ambush in advance.
In addition, to prevent heroes from sneaking up and grabbing treasures from monsters *too* easily, the monsters on the map will now attack if any treasure they're adjacent to is picked up, even if that wouldn't normally have triggered a combat. Treasures include treasure chests, resource piles, artifacts, and camp fires.
WARNING: this option significantly changes the way Heroes plays so be prepared for a very different game. Take care where you move; the pathfinder will indicate the shortest route, even through trees and mountains, but doesn't know you'll be moving slower.

Script 64 - Scriptlets

Several small scripts that can be turned on/off individually in the WoGify menu. They mostly enhance certain elements.

*** Transfer Owner
Enables ownership transference of own heroes, towns, mines, dwellings, lighthouses, shipyards and garrisons to any active color, incl. none.
Right-click on chat bar to activate/deactivate, then right-click on a flagged object you own.

*** Rampart Faerie Dragon
All Ramparts exchange their lvl 7 dragons for:
1 Faerie Dragon per week (instead of 2 Green Dragons)
1 Diamond Dragon per week (instead of 2 Gold Dragons)

*** Reduced Conflux Firebird/Phoenix Growth
If Castle and Pyre built, Conflux only produces 3 Firebirds/Phoenix per week (instead of 4).
Note 1: The bottom-left picture in the town screen will still indicate standard growth, as will the castle screen.
Note 2: If Enhanced Monsters is also active, this option will reduce Firebird/Phoenix Growth to only one per week.

*** Advanced Witch Huts

Heroes can refuse the skill offer or get it advanced for 3000 gold or even forget that skill altogether.

*** Estates Enhanced II
Gives further 25/50/100 Gold per 10,000 experience each day (max +2000 gold/day, lvl 25) and gives out additional resources depending on skill expertise and hero level.
Lvl 10+ hero with Expert Estates might even choose resource type. Click on skill description *and* on skill icon in hero screen to get further details.

*** First Aid Enhanced II
The First Aid skill summons and gives control over additional First Aid Tents (# of tents = hero level). It also casts an automatic Cure spell each healing, based on First Aid Expertise and number of Tents.
First Aid Specialty temporarily gives hero knowledge of Cure, Animate Dead and Resurrection spells each battle.

*** Warfare (Artillery/Ballistics/First Aid)
Combines the three war machines skills Artillery, Ballistics and First Aid into a single "Warfare" skill.
Gives hero control over all three war machines and standard SoD abilities from all three skills. Advancing one skill will advance the others.
Careful: will become insanely powerful if you simultaneously use other WoGify enhancements for those skills.

Script 65 - Monolith Toll

Normally with two-way liths there is no cost for quite high reward: to be able to visit many areas of the map and gain access to non-guarded items and map locations. It seems to make sense to have some sort of cost for using two-way liths, even if not extravagant. One-way liths will continue to be free, as they are not susceptible to being used over and over again like two-way liths are.
The cost to use a two-way lith is 100 gold per week for human players and 50 gold per week for AI players, but if the AI has no gold, it will still be able to use the lith.

Script 66 - Commander Witch Huts

Witch Huts will give bonus skills and abilities to Commanders as well as to the Hero. 

Script 67 - Neutral Town

Conflux Town troops are replaced with a selection of neutral creatures. Also, Conflux Heroes will have low-level neutral troops instead of regular Conflux troops and the might Conflux Heroes have new specialties.

Neutral Town Troops:
Level 1 non-upgraded: Halflings
Level 1 upgraded: Rogues
Level 2 non-upgraded: Boars
Level 2 upgraded: Nomads
Level 3 non-upgraded: Fire Messengers
Level 3 upgraded: Air Messengers
Level 4 non-upgraded: Werewolves
Level 4 upgraded: Trolls
Level 5 non-upgraded: Sorceresses
Level 5 upgraded: Enchanters
Level 6 non-upgraded: Hell Steeds
Level 6 upgraded: Nightmares
Level 7 non-upgraded: Gorynyches
Level 7 upgraded: Rust Dragons

Note: creature growth and costs of some of the Neutral Town creatures have been adjusted to better fit their new levels. Fire and Air Messengers have adjusted stats and gain the double-strike ability. Air Messengers can also fly.

Script 68 - New Battlefields

New Battleground pictures will often be used in combat. This has no affect on the battles but adds some visual variety.
Note: new PCX files are required for this script. If you have the script but not the graphics, you won't see new battlefields.

Script 69 - Custom Alliances

You may set custom alliances before the first turn.

Script 70 - Death Chamber

Death Chambers are a new type of creature bank where you must fight the Undead King and his minions.
If object replacement is selected, Death Chambers may replace some of the following: Level 1 Magic Shrines, Learning Stones, Witch Huts, Windmills 

Script 71 - Enhanced Artifacts

Caution: If you also enable Artifact Boost, some artifacts will gain two bonuses and may become too powerful.
Any spells cast are at Basic level and some of the artifacts have been re-classed.

Pendant Of Life gives living troops HP based on level {Major}
Pendant Of Death gives undead +5 Att/Def +1 Spd {Major}
Pendant Of Total Recall casts mass Precision {Minor}
Pendant Of Second Sight casts mass Air Shield {Minor}
Pendant Of Holiness casts mass Bless {Major}
Pendant Of Dispassion casts mass Bloodlust {Minor}
Pendant Of Free Will casts mass Stoneskin {Minor}
Orb Of Vulnerability casts mass Disease
Orb Of the Firmament casts mass Prot. from Air
Orb Of Silt casts mass Prot. from Earth
Orb Of Tempestuous Fire casts mass Prot. from Fire
Orb Of Driving Rain casts mass Prot. from Water
Collar of Conjuring increases spell damage by 5%
Ring of Conjuring increases spell damage by 10%
Cape of Conjuring increases spell damage by 15%
Ring of the Magi increases spell damage by 20% (total of 50%)
Sphere Of Permanence adds 10 HP to hero's non-living troops
Dead Man's Boots upgrade Skeletons
Vampire's Cowl upgrades Vampires
Amulet of the Undertaker upgrades Walking Dead
Centaur's Axe upgrades Centaurs
Shield of the Dwarven Lords upgrades Dwarves
Breastplate of Petrified Wood upgrades Dendroid Guards
Helm of the Alabaster Unicorn upgrades Unicorns
New combination artifact (above 4 artifacts)
Garb of the Forest Lord: gives creatures every week
Statesman's Medal reduces aggression by 1 {Treasure}
Ring of the Diplomat reduces aggression by 1 {Treasure}
Ambassador's Sash reduces aggression by 1 {Treasure}
New combination artifact (above 3 artifacts)
The Vestments of Authority: aggression is reduced by 1
Ring of Life {Treasure}
Vial of Lifeblood {Treasure}

*** Enhanced Commander Artifacts
Commander artifacts can be worn by heroes granting two random abilities (as well as functioning normally).
+1 to +5 Primary Stat bonus (1, 2, or all 4 stats depending on artifact type).
Add one rank to a random secondary skill (if this puts you at expert, the bonus is permanent).

Script 72 - Random Hero

There is a 25% chance that a random hero will appear on the monsters' side and help them fight. If the Enhanced War Machines III script is enabled, the number of war machines of the random hero depends on the strength of the monsters.

Script 73 - Enhanced War Machines III

Every hero can carry more than one war machine. War machines can be obtained from towns and war machine factories. With the first aid tent the player can resurrect creatures if their stack on the battlefield is not completely killed. The ammo cart gives spell points each round equal to the number of ammo carts the hero owns.

Script 74 - Summon Elementals

Heroes can summon elementals permanently for their army (when not in combat) if the hero knows the corresponding spell and has enough spell points to cast the spell. The spell points required for spell casting is ten times more than it would be on the battlefield, but the number of elementals remains the same. Summoning is allowed only once per day.
To summon elementals permanently in the adventure screen, select the hero and right-click on the Spell Book icon.

Script 75 - Abbreviated Skill Descriptions

Abbreviated skill descriptions will be displayed when right-clicking on secondary skills.
This option is for players who prefer to view abbreviated descriptions instead of the standard Heroes 3 paragraph-format descriptions. It's especially useful if you have multiple skill enhancements enabled; the standard paragraph text can be quite long and cumbersome.

Script 76 - Commander Sanctuary

The Sanctuary will revive a dead Commander for a small resource donation.
If object replacement is selected, Sanctuaries may replace some of the following: Imp Caches, Griffin Conservatories, Rally Flags, Prisons, Marletto Towers

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