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Manual 15-3 Scripts

Script 35 - Mysticism Enhancement I

Enhances the Mysticism skill so it regenerates 10%, 20% or 30% of maximum spell points each day. It can also be used to find out what the next "Week of.." will be if the "Week of Monsters" script is active.
Heroes with Advanced Mysticism can learn which spells a Mage guild will contain when fully built by right-clicking on it.
Heroes with Expert Mysticism can right-click on enemy heroes within their scouting radius to learn about the enemy hero's skills, artifacts, creatures and more. 

Script 36 - Mithril Enhancements

Mithril can be used to upgrade certain structures in different ways. Upgrades available may differ based on which map rules are currently active.
To see your available Mithril and a list of upgrade costs, right-click the Kingdom Overview button.

In the WoGify options you can toggle on/off also:
- Mithril Display (displays a message when Mithril is picked up and also your total Mithril if you right-click the Kingdom Overview button)
- Mithril Resource Stack Replacement (some resource stacks are replaced with Mithril)
- Windmills and Mystical Gardens may give Mithril when visited

Script 37 - Rebalanced Factions

This script aims at making the game more balanced for different types of towns. It consists of several sections that can be individually turned on/off in the WoGify menu.

Rebalanced Hero Abilities
(For details on what Rebalanced Hero Abilities apply to the current hero, right-click on the hero portrait in the hero screen.)
Various hero tweaks/balances, including (SS = secondary skill):
- Estates is replaced by higher Estates or a different SS.
- Navigation heroes get Exp. Nav. + blessing bonuses.
- Heroes with Diplomacy have Leadership instead.
- Gem starts with Bless instead of Summon Boat.
- Weaker heroes have blessing bonuses, spells and/or advanced SSs.
- Creature specialty heroes give a fixed bonus.
- War machine specialists and Artillery heroes always start with their war machine.
- Heroes who met Vori elves have an elemental SS + bonus spells.
- Only heroes with a Logistics specialty start with Logistics.
- Logistics specialists start with less primary skills.
- Heroes that had Logistics are given an extra SS level.
- L4 spell heroes have fewer primary points and/or less powerful SSs.
- Jeddite has Blind instead of Resurrection.
- Mirlanda has skills/spells that suit her biography.
- Some heroes have a new upgrade special instead.
Some balance changes don't occur if certain other scripts are active (Hero Specialization Boost, Estates/Eagle Eye/Resistance scripts, Enhanced Monsters etc.) because they deal with similar aspects.

Rebalanced Starting Armies
Various starting army tweaks and balances. The aim is for a good starting army for each hero while avoiding numbers that would give certain heroes an overwhelming head-start in the early weeks of a map. Some heroes have individualized starting armies based on their biographies (as well as balance considerations) so starting armies are a bit more varied. =)

Rebalanced Creatures
(Note: some changes don't occur when Enhanced Monsters is active.)
Various creature tweaks and balances, including:
- Being able to upgrade Halflings to Master Gremlins (and vice versa) at Hill Forts.
- Halfling Defense +2/Shots -10/Speed +1/Max. Damage -1 (to be roughly similar to Master Gremlins, though Halflings keep their luck bonus).
- Imp and Familiar Basic Growth +5.
- Gog Defense +1/Health +1/Cost +10 Gold.
- Magog Health +2/Max. Damage +1.
- Hell Hound and Cerberus Basic Growth +1.
- Horned Demon Health +5/Max. Damage +1/Cost +20 Gold.
- Pit Lord Cost -25 Gold.
- Efreet Sultan Defense +1/Health +10.
- Arch Devil Cost -600 Gold.
- Lizard Warrior Double Shot/Attack -1/Defense -2/Max. Damage -2 (decreased stats because Lizard Warrior now gets two shots).
- Wyvern Monarch Attack +2/Defense +1/Health + 20 on Day 15 and 22/Wyvern Monarch Cost + 25 Gold on Day 15 and 22.
- When Reduce Conflux Firebird/Phoenix Growth is *not* active, Phoenix Health will be reduced by 50.
These changes are aimed at making the playing field more even for the different factions. It also allows switching of Master Gremlins/Halflings and Crystal/Faerie/Rust Dragons at Hill Forts at no cost.

Script 38 - Karmic Battles

This script modifies all battles against Wandering Monsters. All Wandering Monsters will get some help from "friends". The script summons various stacks of monsters for every battle. The number of stacks, number of creatures and the level of the creatures are randomly calculated and depend on the number of Karmic Battles a single hero has already fought.

Script 39 - Hero Specialization Boost

Applies a bonus based on the hero's starting specialty. Bonuses include better stats for their creatures for creature specialists and randomly cast spells for spell specialists. There are also some unique new abilities:
- All heroes with Intelligence specialization have commander with DeathStare ability
- All heroes with Navigation specialization have commander with flying ability
- All heroes with Ballista specialization have commander which can shoot
- All heroes with Archery specialization cast Precision spell on all allied units at the beginning of a battle
- All heroes with First Aid specialization cast Stone Skin spell on all allied units except undead at the beginning of a battle
- All heroes with Fire Magic specialization cast Curse spell on all enemy units at the beginning of a battle
- All heroes with Sorcery specialization cast Misfortune spell on all enemy units at the beginning of a battle
- All heroes with Eagle Eye specialization let all own 1st and 2nd level units fly in a battle
- All heroes with Mysticism specialization add 12+4*Hero level mana to hero's mana-pool in the beginning of battle. (Remarks: After battle amount of mana cannot be more than before battle).
- All heroes with Resistance specialization decrease 12+4*Hero level mana from enemy hero's mana-pool in the beginning of battle.
Does not work in multiplayer games except Hotseat. To see a Hero's enhanced bonus, right-click on the specialty icon in the hero screen or right-click on the top part of the hero in the combat screen (works for both players)


Script 40 - First Money

Every player (and computer too) is given 12000 gold, 20 wood, 20 ore, 10 mercury, 10 sulfur, 10 crystals and 10 gems once at the beginning of the game.

Script 41 - Battle Extender

Changes Parameters of monsters:
- Each level 1-6 monster gets additional hit points.
- Each shooter decreases its number of shots to 3/4 of its original quantity.
- Each monster gets additional Defense.
- Each monster has reduced Speed.

Script 42 - Garrisons

This option adds guarded neutral Garrisons to a map. Garrison frequency is chosen during map loading. The garrisons are also protected by magic and the defenders will grow slowly in number each week. Troops in the garrisons vary by terrain type and most guards possess a small stash of resources or sometimes even an artifact.
If object replacement is selected, new Garrisons may be placed on the map. 

Script 43 - Obelisk Runes

This option enhances Obelisks with a randomly selected adventure spell. It is inscribed in runes upon the Obelisk's surface and may be cast by any visiting hero for free. Adventure Spells that are banned will not be found on Obelisks. 

Script 44 - Emerald Tower

In the Emerald Towers dwell ancient and powerful Wizards who can enchant a whole species of creatures to make them better...for a price. The wizards hate to be bothered, however, and you won't even get an appointment without paying for it with several sparkling gemstones.
If object replacement is selected, Emerald Towers may replace some of the following: Imp Caches, Griffin Conservatories, Rally Flags, Prisons, Marletto Towers 

Script 45 - Castle Upgrading

City Halls and Capitols may be upgraded to increase daily income. Upgraded town dwellings may be upgraded to increase troop growth.
- To upgrade the City Hall or Capitol, left-click the Hall icon (just below the town name) in the town screen. Each Hall upgrade costs 7000 gold plus 2 Mithril and increases daily income by 1000 gold.
- To increase growth in upgraded creature dwellings, left-click the town picture (to the left of the town name). Each upgrade increases growth by one. Each troop growth upgrade costs equal to the original cost of the upgraded dwelling.
Computer players will build one upgrade of each building type per week.

Script 46 - Berserker Flies

Dragon Flies gain the ability to attack without retaliation, cast Berserk on their target, and return after attacking. 

Script 47 - Creature Relationships

This script causes a chance of infighting in any hero's army that contains creatures that hate one another. These hatreds include:
- all angels vs. all devils,
- titans and lords of thunder vs. black and darkness dragons,
- all genies vs. all efreeti,
- all orcs (including boar riders) vs. all elves (including pegasus riders),
- all pixies vs. all imps,
- all Rampart dragons vs. all Necropolis dragons,
- all cavaliers vs. all black knights, and
- Rust Dragons vs. all gorgons

Creatures that like each-other have a chance per day to be upgraded for free (must have both types): - monks and mages,
- archers and elves (sharpshooters don't upgrade, but help),
- griffins and rocs (firebirds don't upgrade, but help),
- efreeti and fire elementals (fire messengers help)

Script 48 - Enhanced Secondary Skills

Enhances some secondary skills. You can activate/deactivate every enhancement in the WoGify menu.

Eagle Eye II - Eagle Eye grants the ability to counter a beneficial spell cast by the enemy. Drains 8 spell points from caster (7 with water magic skill).
Basic: 10% chance
Advanced: 20% chance
Expert: 30% chance
Bird of Perception, Stoic Watchman, and Emblem of Cognizance increase the chance. Eagle Eye artifacts now form a combination artifact that further increases the chance to counter a spell by 30%.

Estates I - For each level of estates, the hero will generate:
1-3 units of a resource every week, doubled for wood or ore.
5 x hero level gold per day.
The resource types will be randomly set when the skill is learned.

Luck - Luck gives each stack in a hero's army a chance to get +2 Attack, +2 Defense for a battle.
Basic: 10% chance - up to 1 stack
Advanced: 20% chance - up to 2 stacks
Expert: 30% chance - up to 3 stacks

Mysticism II - Mysticism makes it more difficult for an enemy to cast spells, effectively reducing the enemy's spell points for the battle.
Basic: reduces enemy spell points to 80% of normal
Advanced: reduces enemy spell points to 70% of normal
Expert: reduces enemy spell points to 60% of normal

Scouting II - Scouting gives a hero a small chance for a random event for each step taken.
Basic: 1% chance
Advanced: 1.5% chance
Expert: 2% chance

Scholar - Each week a hero will attempt to research a new spell.
Basic: 40% chance to learn up to a 2nd level spell
Advanced: 50% chance to learn up to a 3rd level spell
Expert: 60% chance to learn up to a 4th level spell

Artillery - Ballista does (1-50 + hero level) damage to an enemy stack prior to a battle (attacker or defender). Will not wipe out a stack. Gives Experience. Ammo Cart adds 100% damage (more shots). Artillery skill increases the effect of the Ballista.
Basic: adds 100% damage
Advanced: adds 200% damage
Expert: adds 300% damage

Learning II - Hero gains experience every day.
Basic: 100 experience
Advanced: 200 experience
Expert: 300 experience

Armorer - Reduces the physical damage inflicted on a hero's troops.
Basic: -10%
Advanced: -15%
Expert: -20%

Sorcery II - Sorcery increases the damage of hero's spells.
Basic: +10%
Advanced: +20%
Expert: +30%

Resistance II - Resistance endows a hero's troops with magic resistance.
Basic: +10%
Advanced: +20%
Expert: +30%
Resistance artifacts now form a combo that grants an additional +30% magic resistance.

First Aid I - First Aid Tent resurrects (1-50 + hero level) HP's of dead troops for the winner of a battle (attacker or defender). Ammo Cart adds 100% HP's (medical supplies). First Aid skill increases the effect of the First Aid Tent.
Basic: adds 100% HP's
Advanced: adds 200% HP's
Expert: adds 300% HP's

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