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Attention! TE is installed only over SOD (Shadow of Death) or Complete versions of HoMM3!

Question #1: Can you name few features of TE? What is better than in Shadow of Death or Complete?

  • "Town view", "Hero view", "Upgraded stack hit-n-run","Artefact cheat sell" bugs were fixed
  • You can exchange the whole armies by clicking the "Change Army" button on the hero meeting screen.
  • Witch Hut visiting will show the dialog window which asks if you want to learn secondary skill. The price of learning is 500 gold.
  • Players will receive gems (instead of sulfur) after capturing NagaBank
  • Tower - Cloud Castle (giants) doesn't require Altar of Wishes (genies)
  • Inferno - Pit Fiends upgrade doesn't require Mage Guild
  • All weekly/monthly growth increases are disabled.
  • Basic 7th level creatures growth in Conflux is decreased to 1.5 per week
  • Starting heroes will always have three stacks of monsters.
  • Logistic specialists will gain 5% bonus to this skill without hero level dependence.
  • Spell scrolls are replaced with gold piles. Gold quantity depends on spell level
  • Quick combat without usage of mana
  • Antimagic became "universal" spell. It is present at all magic schools now.
  • ...and many more features...

Question #2: Is it official version?

Answer: No. It was developed by team of enthusiasts according to wishes of best players

Question #3: What were main objectives of developers?

Answer: Objectives were to create MORE balanced MULTIPLAYER game with MORE strategies and better game interface.

Question #4: Is it WOG (Wake of Gods HoMM3 version)?

Answer: No, however WOG is used as engine. Only few WOG (best) features are present in TE.

Question #5: Should I pay for this wonderful version?

Answer: No, TE is free to download. You should own only basic SOD/Complete version

Question #6: Is TE compatible with ROE/AB/SOD?

Answer: No. TE 1.03q is compatible with TE 1.03q only

Question #7: I wish to play both SOD and TE. Is it possible?

Answer: Yes, it's possible to quickly manually switch versions. All you need is to make copy of original \DATA\ folder before starting WOG/TE installation.

Question #8: NEW! Is there recommended set of TE settings?

Answer: Attention: do these settings only after TE is fully installed! Download TE recommended settings, unpack them into your \DATA\ folder. When you start new game, load settings (\DATA\Default_WCL.dat) in WOG Options. TE rules are bit different from SOD: Necro/Conflux towns are allowed, diplo allowed (it doesn't join monsters anymore), Log heroes allowed. Additionally, players may discuss which feature is enabled/disabled: experience, upgraded stack, moral of neutral guards

Question #9: Where can I read more about TE version?

Answer: Click here for TE manual (360kb). Keep in mind: this manual is for version TE 1.03f, a bit corrected for version 1.03q by SAG. However some incorrect information from old version 1.03f still may exist, this manual will be updated later.

Question #10: How can I install TE?

  • Make a COPY of \DATA\ folder (name it like: \DATA_SOD\). After intallation of TE version you will be able to switch back for old SOD.
  • Install WOG 3.58f. Do not select "Animated trees" option. For instructions click here
  • Install TE:
  • Download this file
  • Save it to \UPDATE\ folder
  • Run H3wUpd.exe
  • Download TE recommended settings, unpack them into your \DATA\ folder

Question #11: How to launch TE?

Answer: Run h3te.exe

Question #12: How can i switch back to SOD?

  • Rename \DATA\ folder to \DATA_TE\
  • Rename \DATA_SOD\ to \DATA\
  • Done! Run heroes3.exe as usual

Question #13: I have questions about TE or proposal for future TE version, where can I ask them?

Answer: Ask your questions here

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