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New HoMM IV Campaign Released
New HoMM IV Campaign Released

More good news for all you Heroes fans out there: after the release of the co-op Heroes III campaign just two weeks ago, yesterday saw the release of another little gem. Lamentia's Story is a 6-map campaign for Heroes IV Equilibris, created by Round Table veteran Jeff. It follows the story of his previous work, Dragon's Fate, although you don't have to know the story from the previous campaign to play this one.

The campaigns sees extended use of the good old H4Util program, enabling mapmakers to embed pictures in their maps, making the minimaps works of art in addition to work pieces of gameplay pieces. If you don't know what I'm on about, have a look at these minimaps and take a guess at whether they're all painstakingly made by hand or by the clever use of some kind of software. Looks brilliant, doesn't it...

Kudos to Jeff for finishing this after three years of on-and-off work, and honourable mentions to the testers as well - Wimfrits, Robenhagen, HodgePodge and Koni. Not everybody can be bothered doing proper testing nowadays, and yet it is vital to ensure the quality of the finished product. Drinks all 'round!

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