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Heroes IV Spell Damage Calculator
29.01.2008, 06:00

 Heroes IV Spell Damage Calculator

1: Introduction
The Spell Calculator formulas are taken from http://www.strategyplanet.com/homm . So, if you find some false formulas, please report them.

2: Usage
Following Heroestats are changable:
 Heroe Level: accepted Numbers are between 1 and 70
 Associated Magic Skill: this is the Level of the associated skill to one Magic     Scool. For example, if you choose Healing, the appropiate
    Magic Skill will be Healing.
    0 - none
    1 - basic
    2 - advance
    3 - expert
    4 - master
    5 - grandmaster
 Sorcery Skill : this skill increase all of your Spells, so pick up the skill as      follow:
    0 - none
    1 - basic
    2 - advance
    3 - expert
    4 - master
    5 - grandmaster
 Artefact Bonus: Please give here the percentage a heroe get from Artefacts (in %)

 Heroe Class  Bonus: for example, if you're Heroe has the Archmage class, the        spells will be increase by 20%
 Grail Bonus:     give the percentage for increasing you're spells if a grail        structure is build.

Damage Spells: all spells that do directly damage are listen here. For visual help there is a icon whis the Spell on the left side. Choose one skill from the Dropdown menue.
Other Spell and Summoning Spell works the same way.
Remark: the Summoning result will be rounded down while the others are left in the unroundet form (at this time i don't know which way 3do rounds this Spells)

3. Contact:
For suggestions, questions and bugs email to:

This programm was made with VB6 and MSPaint in ~ 7h of work.
Thanks to http://www.strategyplanet.com/homm for good information and 3do for another amazing game (still to come with the next bugfix :) )

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