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Malwina “Mal” Kalinowska
Heroes of Might and Magic V Game Guide
26.07.2009, 02:12

Heroes of Might and Magic V Game Guide

Six campaigns, thirty missions. You must complete them in a given order, as they are all connected by the game’s story. There’s a dramatic and touching scenario before you, a story of love and power. What’s unusual in video games’ world, most plots don’t get any happy endings here.

The further, the tougher – as always. This guide points out how to complete all the missions as fast as possible. It contains maps of all them. On some of them, there are additional hints on how to find certain places and objects. In order to complete the game, you have to perform all the quests pointed out below.

Good fighting!

Author: Malwina “Mal” Kalinowska

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