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Manual 02-3. Other New Monsters


Santa Gremlin

Time waits for no man, it rolls along, like sands through the hourglass. Tick, tick, tick. All we are is dust in the wind and nothing lasts forever.

Except gremlins. Always there have been gremlins, always there will be gremlins. They worm their way into clocks, into ballistae, into titans' codpieces. Tinker, putter, snip, bang--it all goes awry. Such is life. Mischievous, mercurial, and prone to misadventure, they aren't evil, yet they are the demons that haunt our daily lives.

Many solutions to the gremlin problem have been tried--the wizards chain them up to try to keep them out of the machinery, but do you really think genies have always changed sex when upgraded? Not a chance. The result of a gremlin in the works, and no one has been able to figure out how to change the problem now that it exists. In the dungeon, the overlords test the new minotaur axes on the gremlins, and the warlocks try new spells, but there are always more. Barbarians feed them to orcs, beastmasters let the wyverns poison them, and heretics toss them into the fire lakes. The necros tried to make skeletons out of them, but the animation always seemed to go wrong, one leg walking in one direction while the other headed off somewhere else, perhaps taking the skull with it but forgetting to bring along the neck bones. And always there are more, mucking up the works and distributing headaches to everyone, high and low, rich and poor.

Legend has it that there was once a recluse wizard who actually managed to domesticate the gremlins. This wizard, known to today's world only as K, lived far to the North, farther even than his other winter wizard brethren. He was said to be a bit of an eccentric, wearing fuzzy red pajamas trimmed in white fur, and preferring a red stocking cap to the traditional wizard pointy hat. But all agree, that if he existed--and the evidence suggest that he did--he must have been a genius.

What evidence? The santa gremlin, believed to be a derivative of the common anti-gremlin cry, 'Blast, these gremlins are Satan spawn'. Santa gremlins are clothed in red, with white trim, and they command other gremlins or similar lowly creatures to protect them--just as K is said to have commanded the santa gremlins to protect him. Strangest of all, they are spell casters, capable of using the ice bolt spell--said to be K's favorite incantation. Their existence isn't proof positive that K really existed, but who else but an eccentric half frozen genius at the top of the world would come up with such a crazy idea?

Why a genius? Because santa gremlins not only follow instructions, they can also be nice. While they are tough in combat, capable of casting ice bolts and surrounded by traditional gremlin protectors, after combat, defeated santa gremlins have been known to give gifts to heroes as a reward for their victory. Such generosity and good will is unheard of in traditional gremlins, and only a genius could find a way to develop such traits in a race otherwise known only for their capricious and destructive natures.


    Main Description:



Santa Gremlin

















Gold Cost:


Special Abilities:   

  1. Attacks with Ice Bolt
  2. Summons 1 level guards that surround him.
  3. Can bring a gift after a battle.

   Other Notes:   

    * This is a total growth number in one week, however 2 creatures are available to recruit every day.

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