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Manual 12. Leaving Your Army And Artifacts On The Map

Leaving Your Army And Artifacts On The Map

To leave a part of a hero's army for protection of territory was a dream of many Heroes. But, as it is known, the most terrible thing about dreams is that sometimes they come true...

Now a hero can leave part of his army or an artifact on the map in any empty, passable square.

To leave an army or an artifact, it is necessary to right-click with the mouse on any free square adjacent to the hero, and then you will see a window with the offer to leave guards or an item:

If you right-click on a square that isn't empty or is impassable, the standard information about the object or the ground will be displayed.
In case of making a decision to leave part of your army, the standard dialogue for an exchange of monsters will be shown (like in the case of visiting a garrison):

If you decide to leave an artifact (you must remember to put it in the backpack first), you will see a window with the choice of which artifact to leave:

Other notes:

·         The hero can leave only one type of creature [picture];

·         Not all types of creatures can be left (for example, leaving ghosts is impossible) [picture];

·         The army that is left is adjusted aggressively to all Heroes;

·         The army will escape (without an option for fighting) from all Heroes controlled by the player who left the army, thus an army that is left in this fashion cannot be taken back by the original owner [picture] UNLESS you turn on the option 'troops left will rejoin their owner' - then previously left creatures will rejoin you free of charge when you 'attack' them.
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