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Manual 9. New Specializations of Heroes

New Specializations of Heroes

            A lot of change has occurred in this land these past few years. Therefore, it is not surprising that some Heroes have gained new specialties during this time. But whether they are good ones or not, who can say?

  1.   Specialty: Veil of Darkness.

        Basic Hero: Nagash (Necromancer).

In childhood, Nagash liked to sit for hours under the black shadow of the Veil of Darkness. Because he was a necromancer, he did not like society and always tried to disappear from sight. And thus, the Veil of Darkness drew him like a magnet. He was intrigued by how it functioned, and after much study he finally understood. In essence, it was extremely simple and only required a source of mana to be channeled. Long years of training have allowed Nagash to perfect this useful ability and now he wastes no time in taking advantage of the skill.

Mobile Veil of Darkness.

When the hero moves, the shroud is replaced in a circle around him for all players who are not allies. Radius of the shroud circle is determined by the following formula:


1. Take the lesser of current spell points or (knowledge x 10).

2. This number is divided by 10 and then 0.5 is added.

3. Minimum radius is 1.5.

Example: Nagash has a knowledge of 10 and 63 mana remaining. For the entire day, when he moves he will leave behind a black shroud with a radius of 6.5 tiles (diameter of 13 tiles). Possible consequences: In case the full current amount of mana is more, than a level of knowledge*10 each day is automatically subtracted 2 mana.

   ERM Script:  !!HE#X8/1;


       2. Specialty: Builder.

         Basic Hero: Jeddite (Warlock).

In youth, Jeddite traveled all over the world, and everywhere he went he was amazed at the beauty of unfamiliar cities. Being very curious and observant, he always asked local masons how such cities were constructed. Now, having this knowledge, he is able to direct the construction of any type of city that is being rebuilt..

Allows Hero to choose any type of city when rebuilding one that has been completely destroyed.

    ERM script:  !!HE#X8/2;


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