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Manual 11. Bonuses of Gods. Gods' Representatives

Bonuses of Gods. Gods' Representatives

            The influence of Gods which is carried out by means of Emissaries (Gods’ Representatives) is a completely new element in the world of Heroes. The more the Gods are convinced of the faithfulness of a Hero, the more assistance they provide...

To find out which GR the Hero has and what his accumulated bonus is, right-click on the God Bonus section in the hero screen:

Depending on the type of GR, the type of bonus and the icon in God Bonus section changes. When a hero receives Gods’ Representative (GR) he will begin to increase one of his primary skills every week.





Emissary of War

Attack +1…3 every week

Emissary of Peace

Defense +1…3 every week

Emissary of Mana

Magic Power +1…3 every week

Emissary of Lore

Knowledge +1…3 every week


At the beginning of every week, the value of the Bonus is calculated randomly from 1 to 3 for every GR individually. When a hero first gains a GR, he immediately receives a bonus of 1 to the skill in which the GR is specialized. If a Hero transfers a GR to another hero, gets rid of him or loses him in combat, all accumulated bonuses are lost. By transferring a GR to another player, the bonus starts to increase at the beginning of the new week for the new owner of the GR. Each Hero can only have 1 GR in his army, regardless of type.


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