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Manual 07. Arrow Towers

Arrow Towers


Arrow towers now can train and collect experience in fights. If the player keeps control of a town for one week, the arrow towers on day 1 will receive additional experience and are amplified according to the following formula:


No Bonus

100% damage

After 1 week

200% damage

After 2 weeks

300% damage

After 3 weeks

400% damage

After 4 weeks

500% damage

and so on...



If a town successfully defends against a siege, it gets better as though one week had passed. If a town is captured, all saved up experience for towers is lost.

The central shooting tower receives experience irrespective of the lower towers. The lower arrow towers receive experience simultaneously since they were both built at the same time.

Selectable Combat Attack Mode


If a creature stack has more than one type of attack, this may be selected on the creature's turn by right-clicking the Defend button and choosing from the menu. The attack-mode choice for this stack will then last until the end of the current combat.

Modes that may be selected are:
1) Shoot/Melee attack, for ranged attackers;
2) Cast Spell/Melee attack, for creatures that cast spells as an action;
3) Attack & Return/Attack without Return, for creatures with the Attack & Return ability (e.g., harpies).

If a creature has more than two attack modes available, there will be multiple options in the menu to choose from. For example, a shooting creature with the attack & return ability would be able to choose from any of them.


New Specializations of Heroes


            A lot of change has occurred in this land these past few years. Therefore, it is not surprising that some Heroes have gained new specialties during this time. But whether they are good ones or not, who can say?


         1. Specialty: Veil of Darkness.

         Basic Hero: Nagash (Necromancer).

In childhood, Nagash liked to sit for hours under the black shadow of the Veil of Darkness. Because he was a necromancer, he did not like society and always tried to disappear from sight. And thus, the Veil of Darkness drew him like a magnet. He was intrigued by how it functioned, and after much study he finally understood. In essence, it was extremely simple and only required a source of mana to be channeled. Long years of training have allowed Nagash to perfect this useful ability and now he wastes no time in taking advantage of the skill.

Mobile Veil of Darkness.

When the hero moves, the shroud is replaced in a circle around him for all players who are not allies. Radius of the shroud circle is determined by the following formula:


1. Take the lesser of current spell points or (knowledge x 10).

2. This number is divided by 10 and then 0.5 is added.

3. Minimum radius is 1.5.

Example: Nagash has a knowledge of 10 and 63 mana remaining. For the entire day, when he moves he will leave behind a black shroud with a radius of 6.5 tiles (diameter of 13 tiles). Possible consequences: In case the full current amount of mana is more, than a level of knowledge*10 each day is automatically subtracted 2 mana.

   ERM Script:  !!HE#X8/1;


        2. Specialty: Builder.

        Basic Hero: Jeddite (Warlock).

In youth, Jeddite traveled all over the world, and everywhere he went he was amazed at the beauty of unfamiliar cities. Being very curious and observant, he always asked local masons how such cities were constructed. Now, having this knowledge, he is able to direct the construction of any type of city that is being rebuilt..

 Allows Hero to choose any type of city when rebuilding one that has been completely destroyed.

    ERM script:  !!HE#X8/2;

Blessings and Curses. Sphinx


              From time to time, lost wanderers have come across these mysterious constructions, fashioned in a similar style to the pyramids. They have been found at the slopes of mountains, in deserts, and even on plains. Seeking shelter from the cold or the heat, exhausted by famine and thirst, tired from long days on the road, these travelers tried to take refuge in these unusual constructions and, perhaps, find something that would allow them to continue their journey. Having come back home, they related to everyone about the unusual creation that met them with riddles at its entrance.

The sphinx shows you a randomly chosen riddle and asks you to answer it i.e. to type what you believe is the correct answer into a text-input field. The answer can consist only of one word (or a single letter), without additional punctuation marks or blanks. The case of the entered word is not important.

After typing the text click the OK button. The sphinx will check your answer, and depending on whether or not it's correct, either reward your hero, or punish him. In either case you can see result in the section of blessings and curses on the hero screen.

If you click on this icon, you will either see a brief message that the given Hero has no blessings or curses,

or you will see a window with the icons displaying the current set of blessings and curses for this hero. In the latter case, each icon designates one blessing or curse. If you move the cursor over any of these  icons, you will see a text description for that blessing or curse:

Each one has two characteristics: power and duration. The first can be quantitative (for example, the Hero receives 158 gold coins per day) or qualitative (for example, the Hero can not visit any Gardens of Revelation). The second, always quantitative, shows how many days the curse or blessing will last. Some curse effects end at the beginning of the last day for that curse while others end at the end of the day. Therefore, effects of that latter will appear to last 1 day longer.

Bonuses of Gods. Gods' Representatives


            The influence of Gods which is carried out by means of Emissaries (Gods’ Representatives) is a completely new element in the world of Heroes. The more the Gods are convinced of the faithfulness of a Hero, the more assistance they provide...


To find out which GR the Hero has and what his accumulated bonus is, right-click on the God Bonus section in the hero screen:

Depending on the type of GR, the type of bonus and the icon in God Bonus section changes. When a hero receives Gods’ Representative (GR) he will begin to increase one of his primary skills every week.





Emissary of War

Attack +1…3 every week

Emissary of Peace

Defense +1…3 every week

Emissary of Mana

Magic Power +1…3 every week

Emissary of Lore

Knowledge +1…3 every week


At the beginning of every week, the value of the Bonus is calculated randomly from 1 to 3 for every GR individually. When a hero first gains a GR, he immediately receives a bonus of 1 to the skill in which the GR is specialized. If a Hero transfers a GR to another hero, gets rid of him or loses him in combat, all accumulated bonuses are lost. By transferring a GR to another player, the bonus starts to increase at the beginning of the new week for the new owner of the GR. Each Hero can only have 1 GR in his army, regardless of type.

Leaving Your Army And Artifacts On The Map


            To leave a part of a hero's army for protection of territory was a dream of many Heroes. But, as it is known, the most terrible thing about dreams is that sometimes they come true...


Now a hero can leave part of his army or an artifact on the map in any empty, passable square.

To leave an army or an artifact, it is necessary to right-click with the mouse on any free square adjacent to the hero, and then you will see a window with the offer to leave guards or an item:

If you right-click on a square that isn't empty or is impassable, the standard information about the object or the ground will be displayed.
In case of making a decision to leave part of your army, the standard dialogue for an exchange of monsters will be shown (like in the case of visiting a garrison):

If you decide to leave an artifact (you must remember to put it in the backpack first), you will see a window with the choice of which artifact to leave:

  Other notes:

·         The hero can leave only one type of creature [picture];

·         Not all types of creatures can be left (for example, leaving ghosts is impossible) [picture];

·         The army that is left is adjusted aggressively to all Heroes;

·         The army will escape (without an option for fighting) from all Heroes controlled by the player who left the army, thus an army that is left in this fashion cannot be taken back by the original owner [picture] UNLESS you turn on the option 'troops left will rejoin their owner' - then previously left creatures will rejoin you free of charge when you 'attack' them.

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