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Heroes of Might and Magic III -New Heroes III Mod
http://newheroesiii.webs.com/ 31.01.2010, 03:38

New HoMM III Towns

"The purpose of our project is to re-create the Heroes of Might and Magic III WoG. By re-creating, we mean we will edit the heroes, towns, creatures, artifacts, and other stuff. We are planning to re-make the whole game. All cities, all heroes, and plenty of other things :).


So, the current things we're working at:

-New Necropolis Town

-We are working with Stronghold, but no page yet.

-We are working with Artifacts, Secondary Skills, and other things, but they are not that big enough to make a page. We will soon add "New Features" page to this site, there you will find all the information.


In this page you can find also our Forums. Feel free to post anything, that has anything to do with the New Towns. Give us your ideas about new buildings, artifacts, creatures, spells, anything.

Here are also the latest news about all the Towns."

--{ NewHeroesIII@email.com }--

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