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MapHaven: Maps and Information for Heroes of Might and Magic
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MapHaven: Maps and Information for Heroes of Might and Magic

Welcome to MapHaven. This site is designed to organise and make available tips, strategies, references, maps and reviews of maps for Heroes of Might and Magic IV. We also host free email addresses. The email addresses go with the login bar at the top of this page; you can read anywhere anonymously, or login to contribute. (See the 'why make a login?' FAQ under Help & FAQs)

MapHaven is designed to fill much the same role as The AstralWizard Games Site, one of the best sites of the web for Heroes 3, but not supporting Heroes 4 - indeed, liable to disappear from the web at some unknown point, since AstralWizard stopped paying for hosting last year. Now I was a site official helping with AstralWizard. And we thought it would be terrible if AstralWizard's treasure trove of information were lost. Since MapHaven was already gearing up to support Heroes 4, I undertook to post all the material here, and the AstralWizard mailed me a CD with all the data from it. However, preparing and posting all the data is a very large task, and I have a lot of things on my plate, so don't get too impatient! I'm here for the long haul and things will all be done eventually.

Everything's coming here. Heroes 3 maps, ratings, and articles are already online. Reviews, Tips, etc, and HOMM2 material are slated to follow. Of the 175 pages on the AW site, I have identified perhaps 5 that I don't see the point in at least archiving. I will be contacting all contributors for permission when I get to their content; anyone who does not want their content on MapHaven will have that wish granted. Some pages will simply be archived - still available, but no longer updated; other pages, like Bugwatch, will remain active, run by the same officials who did it at AstralWizard or by new volunteers. Some material has been posted at sites like H3trio and Celestial Heavens, as it fits with the webmasters' plans and site strengths.

Like AstralWizard, MapHaven doesn't carry a great deal in the way of screenshots (as at 20 July 2003, we have none), facts, or figures. There are a number of other fansites that do supply this information. MapHaven will be of most interest to those people who have already bought the game - and probably played it at least a little. The sorts of things kept here are mostly going to help you get more out of the game than you could on your own - strategies you can check if you get stuck on a map, user-made maps, together with ratings and reviews to help you choose the maps you'll enjoy, tips and articles on gameplay and on mapmaking, forums where you can discuss the game with other fans.

MapHaven currently accepts maps, ratings and reviews for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (all expansions, including the unofficial 'Wake of Gods' mod) and Heroes of Might and Magic 4. If you wish to submit a map, or anything like that, and can't figure out how to do it, see if it's covered under Help & FAQs. If it isn't, or if you have any other difficulties or comments, please email me and I will do my best to help.

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